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Sasaeng fans



Sasaeng fans folks, aren’t they wonderful? I’m sure many of you have heard of Exo’s recent sasaeng incident. I’ll link below. Apparently a fan obtained one of the member’s underwear? This is mind bogging to me because that is a invasion of privacy, I mean where’s their security what is SM entertainment doing to keep these boys safe? There was also another incident with the lovely Lee Min ho where fan’s stalked him to the point where they obtained his passport and receipt of what he ate at a restraunt in China. I’m sure there’s more and if I were to mention everything that Sasaeng fans have done i’d never be done. I dislike these kinds of fans and they need to stop. What is the K-POP entertainment industry doing to take measures against this? So far i see nothing being done to protect their artists. Ive seen even when someone reaches the stage and then security finally does something about it. The kpop industry has to apply the laws to this no matter what happens to the fans, K-pop idols are people too. Now I don’t live in Korea so I only see this from a foreign international fan’s perspective but i’d like to hear your opinion’s on this. Thanks for reading!

Yes, a new blog post was way over due. Right now I am very busy with life but I will keep blogging! So expect a blog post at least once a week. ^__^ Also link below. Leave comments! 😀

Sasaeng fan sells Exo’s members underwear


My first Kpop concert experience: U-KISS



First of all I want to thank the wonderful Samantha Marie for her pictures and media and check out her tumblr blog ->http://sammich-to-seoul.tumblr.com

Now to the important stuff U-KISS! They played at Best buy theater here in New York City.

It was an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. The boys killed it with their humbleness and their amazing dance moves. What I loved was how nice Kissme’s were. I honestly had heard nasty things from previous kpop concerts, i was terrified thinking likewill someone be a complete asshole, will i get runned over or something somehow, will my belongings get stolen”

That didn’t stop me from going! I do not regret going for one second, the whole thing seems to unreal seeing these guys IN THE FLESH:


From the moment im a block away from the Best Buy theater I was already trembling with excitement, THE THEATER HAD UKISS PICTURES PLAYING on it! (yes it was animated) Also let me mention I get so nervous I drop my ticket from my pocket while in line! I almost had a cardiac arrest, but me and my friends got our tickets together turns out she printed them just incase (yes im a huge clutz cannot survive alone!)  

So we wait in line and go inside i find my seat and find myself ALONE, even though we bought our tickets together, not to mention I was in row P BUT the view was amazing. So the concert starts…


It was amazing! I loved where I was seated slowly! We we’re a lively bunch! And my neighbor was super friendly! I start flashing my hand made fan sign (which had pretty star lit lights ❤ AND YES I did draw that 😀 It was nice meeting people and getting stopped for it!)


Some footage (lower your volume)

I regret not trying to get any merchandise I later found out I DID INDEED had money to buy whatever i wanted, *cough* MY FAVORITE PART of the concert was when the boys had a little chat with us and told us how thankful they were to be there at that very moment and then Kevin:


I was crying with Kevin! It was just such a magical thing to see. Also, Did i mention U-kiss thinks their US fans are their wives? Yes you heard correctly wives. *swoon* hahaha. They probably did not mean it in that context 🙂 As the night progressed they played ALL their best songs! There was a Q & A session inbetween and AJ’s question was “What do you sing in the shower?” XD LOVED IT so he goes and says one of the songs he’s been writing lately and he starts rapping OMG it was epic.


It was a beautiful experience the concert was everything I expected and more! Everyone was so nice from start to finish! The boys killed it with their amazing voices and dance moves.


After the concert ended I waited for them to leave the venue I get stuck on the opposite side of the block. The boys start to go to their car, I wave my sign as high as I could and yelled “OPPA!!” Kevin spots my sign and looks in awe loving it and throws a kiss at me <3! I wish I had some form to proof it but I don’t BUT I was the only one standing there. He then flashes his phone inside the car as they leave. 


Thank you U-kiss!! You made that a night to remember and I know i’ll be a kissme for as long as you guys keep singing <3! THANK YOU U-KISS!

(Also I apologize if the post doesn’t make sense I tried in chronological order but not bombard the post with pictures since their not mine.) 

Here’s my lame fancam: !!!! LOWER YOUR VOLUME !!!! you have been warned XD  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=282482591876532&l=511303320702393483

I ALSO want to apologize for the lack of posts. I really sometimes don’t know what to write about mainly because I don’t want to be like your typical paparazzi kpop site, So, any suggestions would be highly encouraged! I want to do video Reactions! 🙂

Lee Min Ho (이민호) wins multiple awards at the 2013 SBS drama awards




With the growing success behind his drama “The Heirs” and many others, its no surprise why this handsome fello wouldn’t win any awards!

Awards he won by category:

  • Best couple with Park Shin Hye
  • Top 10 star
  • Best popularity
  • Best dresser (hm, the drama made me doubt that sometimes. but thats ok)
  • High Excellence
  • Best asian actor award

Anyway check out the links below to see who else won! 🙂

Winners from 2013 SBS drama awards

HAPPY NEW YEAR! + TVXQ 동방신기 MV “Something” released! + my thoughts on kpop in 2013


🎊🎊🎊❤Happy new year everyone! Let’s hope for an awesome 2014! ❤🎊🎊🎊

Last year in Kpop was pretty amazing, from Taeyang’s Ringa Linga, TOP’s Doom dada, the Trouble maker come back, and Gdragon winning so many awards at MAMA and Gayo Daejun 가요 댜근 2013. It was truly an awesome year in terms of Kpop. I’m sure theres more to add to that list but let’s stay focused, eh?:)

Personally, my year could of been 100% better. *cough* Anyway, I’m sorry for being around as much! We have not organized ourselves yet so I am posting by myself for the time being, and I did not have a computer! I just ordered a laptop 🙂 so expect MV reactions, and more posts!

Anyway, just in time for the new year if you didn’t know TVXQ had released a teaser for their newest MV “Something” in honor of their 10 year anniversary during their SMtown performances during christmas! and the MV for the song released this morning! So go and listen and watch it! 🙂 Their long awaited comeback is Jan 6 lets see how that goes but TVXQ never disappoints. ❤

Enjoy! below is the MV with subs, Video and content belong to their respective owners ^_^


All invited to Kim Tan’s birthday party! #Theheirs Special livestream.


Hello all! Sorry for not posting the last couple of days. I am back! And will have a review up soon on a variety show I have been watching and more updates on kpop stuff.


Onto bussiness! So heir’s is livestreaming episode 18 via the korean channel SBS wednesday at 10pm Korea time. Also I believe this will be the final episode we all have been waiting for!


The link above is where the livestream will occur. Hope you guys get to see it! Also I will recap review the episode as well so keep your eyes sharp for that.


BTW I believe this streams SBS daily shows! :0

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Lee Min Ho (이민호) to sing ‘Painful love’ for heir’s OST


Lee Min Ho sings a love theme song for his starring character in the drama Heirs. Just thought i’d share with you all. 🙂 Anyone watching Heirs? Its a very beautiful song, sadly I could not find one with subs for you guys but its still beautiful. Below is the video for you to enjoy with various clips from the drama itself. Enjoy!