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U-KISS (유키스) first U.S. tour ticket & pre-sale info!

Hello everyone!

Just here to announce the wonderful news for you Kpop fans that the kpop group U-KISS (유키스) will be having their first U.S. tour. If your like me who live in the east coast (NYC represent!) Before you eat alive for saying that they are going to LA and SF also. *ahem* Anyway if your just as excited as I am to grab the tickets here is the info you need to know :D!




Working on logo and first post! Yay!

Hello 안녕하셍요! everyone!

Welcome to Bear Mocha:

I hope this will become a successful blog along with myself and couple of drama and kpop addicts like myself will contribute content to make it worth reading! 🙂

At the moment I will review recent Korean drama episodes as I watch them.

Dramas I am watching at the moment:

  • Heirs: episode 11-12 (? there might be more new episodes)
  • Pretty man: Just watched episode 4
  • Empress Ki: Episode 1
  • The suspicious House keeper: episode 6

Moving on… Working on logo for the blog! ^-^

so these are what we have so far please comment which you like more!